That's because we're constantly looking for ways to make your vacation / stay in Copenhagen as perfect as possible, We plan your VIP trip to make it as authentic as possible. We find the little delicious places that nobody else knows. We know them because we were born and raised in Copenhagen. We make our experiences to your memories.


Our top-rated VIP tours take approx 3 hours, And we start from your hotel / cruise ship You will experience the best and most locally known guides in Denmark! Our extremely experienced V.I.P guides are all born and raised in the center of Copenhagen and all have more than 20 years of experience with private V.I.P tours in Copenhagen, With them you see places on the route that ordinary tourists never get close to! They know all the little places that are unique to Copenhagen and its history and at the same time are super good at telling you in a fun and entertaining way. They will give you or your company a tour that you will talk about in the coming years


Join us on our top-rated daily trip through our beautiful Copenhagen. Our local guides will make sure you get a bike ride that you will talk about for many years to come. We are ready every single day at regnbuepladsen at 10.00 to show you Copenhagen from its most beautiful side


If you want to enjoy the many opportunities Copenhagen has to offer compared to beer then our BIG BEER TOUR is what you have to choose We take the bike and visit somewhere between 1 & 5 different beers and microbreweries Our local well-known guide will take you all the way! And in order to finish the last bar, Then we just leave the bikes there and we take care of it. Welcome to THE BIG BEER TOUR in Copenhagen

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It was a private tour so we could stop to take pictures, ask all the questions in the world and decide step by step where to go, and what to see. We had the chance to go places we would never had gone on our own, because we would have the map in our hands all the time. So we cycled through university, Christiania, or little tiny streets. Finally Niels took us to a nice restaurant where we had our first (bunt not last) very special Smørrebrød.
Sandy Altermatt
We have been on a school trip and we booked a tour with A VIP Guide from Adventure-bike just for our class. I must admit that it's not the easiest to do a bicycle tour with 23 people (compliments to the guides) but we had someone in the front and someone in the back so no one could get lost. I really enjoyed the tour, it is very comfortable doing a guided bicycle tour with a local who knows the city and the best spots.
Franziska Meyer