VIP Tour

VIP Tour

A guided VIP tour trough wonderful Copenhagen city

From only 60 Euro per person Up to 500 people per tour FIVE STAR SERVICE

Guided Tours on bike of Copenhagen's famous places....

Adventure-Bike offers Guided Tours of Copenhagen. On our bikes we take a tour so you see all the most famous and important spots of Copenhagen. We can arrange custom-made bike tours of your choice. We have the best and most entertaining guide in Copenhagen And we can arrange guided tours to follow. Language English, German, French and Danish So we will make sure you will have a memorable trip in Copenhagen


The amazing very old harbour area of Copenhagen Nyhavn is filled with cafes, restaurants, shops etc, and is not only a "must see place", but also one of the most favroured places to just hang out and enjoy life. Grab your bike and ride to Nyhavn and sit on the harbour and enjoy a beer, coffee or one of the famous delicious "waffel ice cream"

Hans Christian Andersen - The Statue at Copenhagen City Hall

H.C. Andersen- it doesn't get much more classic than this - just outside Copenhagen City Hall we find the world famous statue of Denmark's world famous author Hans Christian Andersen. And very very close to that we find the world famous "walking street" STRØGET. ilometers of walking street filled with houndreds of shops, restaurants and everything you need to really feel how bike and pedestreant friendly Copenhagen is. At the end of "Strøget" we get to Nyhavn, so you are really as downtown Copenhagen as you can possibly get!

Amalienborg Castle - home of the Queen of Denmark

Close to Nyhavn and only a bike ride from The Little Mermaid we visit Amalienborg. This is the home of the Queen of Denmark and an amazing place to see. Watch the Royal Garde perform the very old and classic "guard change" and just enjoy the wide open space of the castle's huge square - enjoy the sun and watch the flow of people crossing this unique and royal spot of Copenhagen!

Little Mermaid

The famous statue of the Little Mermaid from the adventure of Hans Christian Andersen

It was a private tour so we could stop to take pictures, ask all the questions in the world and decide step by step where to go, and what to see. We had the chance to go places we would never had gone on our own, because we would have the map in our hands all the time. So we cycled through university, Christiania, or little tiny streets. Finally Niels took us to a nice restaurant where we had our first (bunt not last) very special Smørrebrød.
Sandy Altermatt
We booked a bike tour with Niels and Kenneth for our class trip to Copenhagen and it was just great! The organization before was very good, even our extra wishes concerning the route and pick up point were no problem at all. We cycled about 15km and got a very good impression of beautiful Kopenhagen and had a lot of fun. I can definitely recommend the tour to everyone!
Lisa-Marie Malinak
We have been on a school trip and we booked a tour with A VIP Guide from Adventure-bike just for our class. I must admit that it's not the easiest to do a bicycle tour with 23 people (compliments to the guides) but we had someone in the front and someone in the back so no one could get lost. I really enjoyed the tour, it is very comfortable doing a guided bicycle tour with a local who knows the city and the best spots.
Franziska Meyer

Practical information:

Our trips usually start from the Town Hall Square in the middle of Copenhagen But it can always arranged so we start where YOU want to ride to start (hotel or cruiseship.) All our VIP tours are conducted with English speaking guide However, we also have guides speaking German, Spanish and French If you want this, just let us know.

Our tours include:

We have organized tours in Copenhagen since the year 1999 and have a lot of knowledge about Copenhagen that we would love to share with you.

• The little Mermaid

The sculpture is made of bronze and granite and was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale about a mermaid who gives up everything to be united with a young, handsome prince on land.

Every morning and evening she swims to the surface from the bottom of the sea and, perched on her rock in the water, she stares longingly towards the shore hoping to catch a glimpse of her beloved prince.

• Amalienborg (the Queen's palace)

Amalienborg Palace is a must for anyone with a taste for royal history and the life of Denmark’s royal family who still resides inside the palace.

Experience royal history at the museum and sense the present of one of the world’s oldest monarchies from the beautiful palace square where you can watch the changing of the guards.

• Christiansborg (The Danish Parliament)

Folketinget is the name of Denmark’s parliament, which is located in a historical setting at Christiansborg Palace.

Often just called Borgen (the castle in Danish), on the island of Slotsholmen in Copenhagen.

• Nyhavn

Originally, Nyhavn was a busy commercial port where ships from all over the world would dock. The area was packed with sailors, ladies of pleasure, pubs and alehouses.

The famous Danish fairytale writer, Hans Christian Andersen, used to live in no. 20. This is where he wrote the fairy-tales ‘The Tinderbox’, ‘Little Claus and Big Claus’, and ‘The Princess and the Pea’. He also lived twenty years in no. 67 and two years in no. 18.

• Old town

Old town is Copenhagen’s heart is filled with history and is a neighborhood where world-class eateries lie next door with good shopping, museums and generous attractions. But the greatest experience of all is possibly the authentic Copenhagen spirit that fills the small streets.

• Christiania

Christiania, the famous freetown of Copenhagen, is without a doubt one of Denmark’s most popular tourist attractions.

This controversial area is loved by many, but has been a turning point for strong debate, especially because of the locals’ relaxed view on hash and some unfortunate violent incidents.

• An more

And many many other things which one can inquire about

We can arrange that you are transported around the bicycle taxi surcharge.

If you for example. have difficulty walking or just do not bother to ride 🙂

We look forward to arranging your next trip.

Just contact us by email or phone and we will be happy to help you.

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